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Hi Belle Natura, I am going into my 3rd year of using Locherber products. It is the best move I ever made.  I was encouraged by a friend who has the most beautiful skin to try the product.  Initially I was sceptical because she is an animal lover and has an issue with products being tested on animals.  I phoned Tania and she came in to see me and made recommendations to get me started.  I now could never imagine using any other product.  People comment all the time on the condition of my skin and hair.  No more olive marks or any type of blemishes.  I haven’t used commercial hair dye in over a year and I can go three months without having a trim and my hair is still in excellent condition.  I have started using the deodorant spray and this was a difficult change for me and now I wouldn’t use anything else.  I know longer get swollen glands under my arms.  Every product offered by Locherber is excellent.  I have no started using their make up products and they are wonderful.

I will never buy another commercial product.

Cindy Jacobs, Norwood, Johannesburg

Hi Tania

I have always been health conscious, so I am careful with what I eat and use on my skin. Working in the Beauty Industry, I am exposed to very many different skincare products.

After meeting Tania, who introduced me to Locherber, I made a final decision. This skincare range is not only made from  natural ingredients and is paraben free, it is effective and affordable. The make up and home collection products are outstanding, as I continue to try more and more products.


Good morning Tania,

I work as a Customer Service Agent in the courier industry.  I am 54 yr old female. I am also a type 2 diabetic. I had a very oily skin, and you know what that means! Shiny, make up does not stay on, real dust collector!

I started using the Locherber skin care range, and products, plus the Sanotint approx. 2yrs ago. The products contain no harmful chemicals and are all natural and are made from plants and natural products.

What a surprise I got!  My skin looked brighter, felt so smooth, and soft, and, believe or not,  less lines!! (wrinkles) I could see and feel the difference immediately.  The products cleared my oily skin problem within the first few weeks.  My skin has normalised and no more shine!  I get compliments on how good my skin looks wherever I go, from strangers, family and friends.  People actually ask to  touch my skin!.

My hair was falling out and I am sure this was due to all the years of using harsh chemicals to colour my hair. I am sure having diabetes and the stresses of life are also a contributing factor. My hair has started growing, is much thicker and healthier, and shiny soft. Even though I was and blow dry my hair daily, I have no split ends or experience hair breaking off.

I highly recommend this natural product to everyone.  No harsh chemicals, no damage to your skin or scalp. No running the risk of unforeseen blemishes and allergies. What a wonderful product, kind to you and kind to the earth and it’s animals.

Thank you Locherber for giving me a new look at life, naturally.




Dear Tania,

As a 69 year old retired teacher I enjoy using Locherber products for the purity of the ingredients and also for the knowledge that no animals suffered because of what I am putting on skin.

When I reveal my age to others the reaction is often “ Never, you look much younger than this”

No matter what, age takes its toll on your skin  and your body but with  Locherber products I definitely do it more gracefully.

Diane Rogiers (Locherber user since 2010)

I was looking for a more natural product, one that would minimize the chemical substance overload that we are all exposed to.

While paging through a health magazine I came across the Locherber product advertisement. I  decided to give it a try and was  pleasantly surprised at the  superiority of   Locherber  products.

They are rich and nourishing  yet light enough not to leave your skin with that heavy  clogged up feeling. The first product I used  was LOTUM and slowly I have been introduced to others, I have even started using the sun block diligently every day because it feels “like nothing” on the skin.

I must also stress that as an executive of a busy company  my time is somewhat limited but Tania makes me feel extra special by delivering the products to my door step. Not only are the products of top quality but the service is  excellent too.

I  highly recommend this skin care range without reservation to anyone who like myself wants to cut back on beauty products with a chemical footprint.


Hi Tania

I am going for almost three years now on Locherber products, and I have not being looking back since.  I always had problems with my skin, and I could never find the right product that did not dry my skin even more, or leave me with spots.  I have a very sensitive skin, since being introduced to Locherber, I have been using the Comfort cream, BTY Intensive Plumping Serum, and Fruit Serum, and there is a tremendous difference in my skin, it is not dry anymore, and spots are history.

I can recommend Locherber to anyone, as it is, my opinion, that it’s the best product in South Africa I have ever come across.

Kind Regards

Tania Hattingh Administrator/Marketing/PRO

Hi Tania,

I have been using the Locherber and Sanotint products for around 3 years.  It is essential to me as an Animal Therapist, and generally someone who believes in preserving our environment and using products which are both ethical and have as little toxic effect as possible – that whatever I use meets these criteria.  However, having said that, it is also important that the products do exactly what they say they will do and this is definitely the case with the Locherber and Sanotint products.  Another advantage is that the products are reasonably priced and the quality is exceptional - as today, everyone spends their money a lot more carefully and will not buy ineffective products.  I unhesitatingly recommend these products to anyone who has a conscience about our environment, and whose appearance is important to them.


Helen Taylor (Rainbow Nation Animals)


Hi Tania

How are you?

My first encounter of any Locherber facial product was when I bought a box of Sanotint haircolour from a healthshop.
I tried the sample and was amazed at how luxurious my face felt the next day.
So I pretty much looked forward to my next purchase of Sanotint haircolour.
They never stocked the Locherber product at the healthshop which is when I decided to find out how I could purchase this online.
Thats when I found the Bellenatura website and decided to email and find out which products to order for my combination skin.

The service I received from Tanya was absolutely amazing!
She sent me a complete spreadsheet about which creams, masks and serums were best for my skin type.
I received my products via courier after just 3 days of placing my order as well as samples of recommended products.
I am extremely happy with the results of the Locherber range and I am so looking forward to progressing onto their make-up range as I am trying to break free from the harsh chemicals found in my current make-up range.

Thank you Locherber and thank you Bellenatura, I am hooked :-)