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Migliorin Phials For Hair

Migliorin Phials For Hair

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With Golden Millet, to prevent and slow down hair loss. pH 5.5 Phial 10 x 10 ml Phials DESCRIPTION Migliorin’s pH 5.5 phials help to prevent hair loss and act as a treatment to strengthen hair. They help to oxygenate and promote capillary circulation to the root whilst strengthening the hair. Golden Millet extract is easily absorbed and rich in silicon which is a very important mineral for elasticity, tone and smoothness of the hair. 
A healthy scalp keeps roots efficient, ensuring the growth of strong, beautiful hair.
 Does not contain derivatives of animal origin. Does not contain derivatives of mineral origin. Dermatologically tested. Does not contain colourings of synthetic origin. GMO free Does not contain added metals Paraben-free Nickel tested INFORMATION, INSTRUCTIONS AND COMPOSITION For brittle hair with problems of hair loss.Twice weekly for at least one month apply contents of a phial onto the palm of your hand, spread well across the scalp and continue to massage in a circular motion using the fingertips. After one month, continue to repeat the procedure only once weekly. Golden Millet extracts, Mallow, Horse Tail extract, Marshmallow, Fenugreek, Hypercium, Horse Chesnut, Chamomile, Hamamelis, Lettuce, Burdock, Lavender, Dandelion, Artichoke, Rose; Pantothenate Calcium, Panthenol, Keratin, Silk protein, Biotin, complex of trace minerals (Iron, Zinc, Copper and Magnesium) 10 x 10 ml Phials
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