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About Us

We are proud to present to you our comprehensive range of Swiss Natural Beauty Products. We are the sole South African importers and distributers of Swiss Brands Cosval, Locherber, Sanotint and Migliorin.

Tania Pietersen, founder of Belle Natura, started the business in 2009. An early career as a cabin attendant on SAA's International Route, experience in banking, marketing and logistic has equiped her to make Belle Natura one of the largest independant suppliers of natural beauty products in South Africa.

At Belle Natura we strive to achieve a balance between our beautiful nature (belle nature) and living a fantastic and thankful life with what has been provided on this earth. We have full trust in the virtue of plants and our wide range of products are All Natural.

Tania Pitersen, founder of Belle Natura

Tania Pietersen (Founder)